A Child's Guide to Good and Evil

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Vol. 3: A Child's Guide To Good And Evil”‎
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A Child s Guide To Good And Evil

Frase chiave di questa guida al bene e al male scritta per i bambini:‎
“Il diavolo non esiste, salvo che per la guerra”
Take my hand and run away with me
Through the forest until the leaves and trees slow us down
A vampire bat will suck blood from our hands
A dog with rabies will bite us
Rats will run up your legs
But nothing will matter...‎

After the doors of many strange rooms have been bolted and locked
When you come back dragging your daydreams behind you
I'll give you a new shiny face and a yellow brick road
The rest of the world is wrong, don't let anyone change you

Evil doesn't exist anymore, except for the war.‎

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