Oot Bool Prem (Get Up Speak Love)

Rishi Raj
Lingua: Inglese

Lyrics & Music by Rishi Raj
Album: Pukka


Rishi Raj
Rishi Raj

As an Indian kid born and raised in America I have seen a lot of hating, jealously, gossip, sizing up in regards to financial status, educational status, caste, etc. that goes on amongst all my middle eastern brothers and sisters. It has frustrated me enough to send a strong message to all my people, which is Fuck war and Fuck hate. We all come from the same roots and land so lets spread some Desi love instead of saying we are so different and ignore each other or act like we don't have the same cultural roots. No matter what religion or whether we're from Pakistan or India, FOB or ABCD, we're all the same people, we're all brothers and sisters. In the song I give some history on how my Punjabi family roots and forefathers were actually forced from Pakistan during the 1947 partition into India, just like many families were. I commend both Gandhi and Bhagat Singh for their heroic efforts to fight for peace and freedom. The second verse brings it up to date and reflects my views on war and terrorism. Terrorists are guilty for killing innocent people, but then again so are those who go to war for unjust causes. The message is that war will never cease in this system of things today. In fact, it is a necessary evil, cause in the end people do evil things and a country has to defend itself. All and all Fuck war and Fuck hate, but don't deny that it won't happen. Keep peace if you can but just like a parent must protect its children a country had to protect its citizens. Lyrically, it was one of the most challenging songs I have ever written..
Don't you know you're walking on the same land?
Got the same dirt under your feet
Got the same brown eyes got the same brown skin
Got the same red blood making every heart beat..
-Yeah, -I'm speaking to you
Word is born(1) -I'm speaking to you
Seek, Muslim, or Hindi even Christians listen up to
Fore Fathers from the land of Jhang(2)
1947 Partition my family forced from their own land.
Even died for it, so what you got to say
Gandhi, Bhagat Singh Zindabad(3)
for all the lives you saved Culture Clash at the culture show
Free from captivity when the British let ya go
Now the first thing ya do is fight ya self
When the first thing you should do is love ya self's

Now I'm Desi(4) in America moving state to state
Throw you hand up if you Desi and you can relate
India to America – 'Rishi Raj' causing hysteria
There's a time to Drink and there is a time to smoke
There's a time to cry and there's a time to Joke
Some say there's a time for War. I choose self defence
You want a war go fight it yourself!

Culture Clash
War in the past
Becomes War in the future
How long will it last?

You say you pray before you drop the bomb
You say you kill in the name of God
To terrorize a nation makes you guilty
The innocent blood on your hands makes you filthy
Don't really matter what God you pray
When the spirit leaves the soul deaths all the same
When you put upon the scale and your heart is weighed
The death on your hands won't wash away..

A nation has to defend itself to keep the peace
Support a just policy no a killing disease
We all want justice and liberty
Freedom of speech human rights and peace

Good Parents protect their children
Good country protects its citizens
War will never cease in a world ruled by men
Even God wages war in Heaven

I respect the soldiers that go to war
But I can't respect there leaders for what there fighting for
It takes a brave man to go to the battle field
It could take a stronger man to walk away form the deal…

All these tears and so much pain
So much lost and so little gained
Everything has a price oh so I'm told
Money sex drugs and Rock and Roll..

Fuck WAR
Fuck YOU if you think I'm irate

Culture Clash
War in the past
Becomes War in the future
How long will it last?

Oot Bool Prem, just speak some love.
Get up and speak some love.

Oot Bool Prem, just speak some love.
Get up and speak some love.

(1) Hindi idiom, वर्ड का जन्म है Agree with this new word of thought.
(2) District in Pakistan.
(3) जिंदाबाद Hail, Long Live.
(4) Of Indian or middle eastern decent and of the mother land but away from it.

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