Nothing to Hide

Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Johnito
Album: Total Collapse: Earth 1.9
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See those eyes are watching us
the spooks are all ears.
Legitimized by greed and wars
creating reasons for fears.

Dictators get our full support
unless they claim their shares.
And suddenly we'll hear we're "under attack",
and send our soldiers over there..

"They hate our freedoms!.."
"We've come to bring democracy!.."
"Don't you know they want to nuke us?..."
"We should bomb them to death
to restore "human rights"...!"

(Nothing to hide?..)

You'll give away your fingerprints
And show all you do online
Secrets are no secrets no more
Do you really think that's fine?

(Nothing to hide?..)

Your life is ours (Nothing to hide?.)
Your mail is ours (Nothing to hide?.)
Your pictures are ours (Nothing to hide?.)
Get back to work! (Nothing to hide?.)
Pay our banks (Nothing to hide?..)

Your fear is our freedom...
Your fear is our freedom...
And so it begins...

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