Alright For Some

Friendly Fire (UK)
Lingua: Inglese

A luxury home to maintain
Stocked your cellar with champagne
You know how to entertain
Mix in circles so urbane
No trespassers in your domain
It's alright for some..

Lots of servants you employ,
Rooms reserved in the Savoy,
Live the life of a playboy
Think that you're the real McCoy
Stimulates your little toy
It's alright for some!

Always choose the plat du jour (It's alright for some!)
Washed down with the best liqueur (It's alright for some!)
Social problems you ignore
For poverty you blame the poor
Pity you're so immature
It's alright for some

You always wear the best cologne (It's alright for some!)
Don't care about the ozone (It's alright for some!)
Inject yourself testosterone
Pay enough, she'll always moan
Keeps your ego overblown
It's alright for some

Oh, aren't you the big success? (It's alright for some!)
Your friends let you win at chess (It's alright for some!)
Indulge in every known excess
Never mind who you oppress
Don't let the plebs know your address
It's alright for some.

At private schools your kids are taught (It's alright for some!)
No privilege that can't be bought (It's alright for some!)
Well connected with the court
Joined their hunt, your bloody sport
Shame your mother didn't abort
It's alright for some..

You know all the head of state (It's alright for some!)
Your workers you intimidate (It's alright for some!)
No time to waste on debate
The media you manipulate
I hope that you asphyxiate
It's alright for some

The competition's looking sparse (It's alright for some!)
Now you've got branches out on Mars (It's alright for some!)
Attending parties with the stars
A member of the ruling 'clarse'
You can kiss my fuckin' arse
It's alright for some!

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