Spare Change

Eval Herz
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Evan Herzoff
Album: Disillusioning

This is a song about the economy, politics, theories of social and political "change" and the legacy shared by Barack H. Obama and George W. Bush, the 44th and 43rd Presidents of the United States respectively. Bush set Obama up to offer 'change' and then not deliver, and thus we got "spare change" at best, while the principal remains unchanged and in the hands of those who did not produce it!
I don't know why
But I just don't have the strength
To stand up -and ask you for some change

I don't know why
With all these people walking by
I just can't stand up -and ask for change.

You might think that I am strange
Maybe just a little deranged
Because I can't stand up -and ask for change.

You might think I just wanna get high
But even that's a lie -and I don't know why
I can't stand up and ask for change.

You might yell: "Hey, get a job!"
Just before you form a lynch mob
So that I can't stand up -and ask for change.

Maybe it's my fate
Giving the gentry some scapegoat to hate
Because I won't stand up -and ask for change.

You might think I'm a terrorist
Maybe cause I'm the scariest
person who's ever hit you up for change.

You know I ain't needy
And I know you ain't greedy
but you might think that I'm from somewhere seedy

I know you've got enough to share
but I won't call it spare or fair
I'll just call it what it is -it is spange.

It is spange

Spare change

We call it spange..

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