Enemy Me

Lingua: Inglese

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Sudden Sound
(300 Miles on a) Baghdad Road

Lyrics & Music by Mark Foley
solo man cutout
Watch your step, Mr. D
The president call you enemy
Pick you up in dark of night
Then, you will be out of sight..

Bow to Mecca, Mr. L
And your rights can go to hell
They'll bring you inside for a chat
You disappear just like that.

Where'd they find you Mr. N
Over in Afghanistan
You'll rot in Cuba, yes indeed
No sound to hear, no things to see.

Mr. Q, what did you do?
You spoke your mind now, didn't you
They did a tap dance on your phone
Now you're dancing all alone .

When they came for all these men
I said nothing, nothing then
And when they came for me
There was no one left to see..

They wave the flag and say we're free
But that's for those who do agree
Watch your step, Mr. D
You are now the enemy!..

You want to speak out on TV
That's a good one, Mr. C
The station owner, they say no
They got a license, don't you know?

You plan for marchin', Mr. T
That's bad for sec-ur-i-ty
The bill of rights was fine before
But not for this kind of war..

You went down, Mr G
To the local library
Your card was lifted by the Fed
They want to see just what you read.

You sent money, Mr. B
To the foreign charity
They say it went to make a bomb
Now it's you who'll come to harm.

The Congress did what is was told
But, you know, they're bought and sold
The courts, they sat upon their hands
Who are they to take a stand?

The press, it seems, just didn't care
They're coverin' Joe Millionaire
Watch your step, Mr. D
You are now the enemy..

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