Shouldn't Have To

Tracy Harris
Lingua: Italiano

Lyrics & Music by Tracy Harris
Album: Not So Far from Here
Not So Far from Here

"Some friends have asked if this is an anti-war song. It is not. It is just me watching current world events and feeling for some of the children in war torn countries..."
Sweet little boy, — caught in a war,
Lying awake at night –trying to carry the weight of the world…
Oooh baby – oooh baby,
Oooh baby,..— You shouldn't have to try..

Daddy's good, little boy — You do as you're told
Can't you fire that missile, –you know you're almost 9 years old..
Oooh baby, …oooh baby, –
Oooh, baby, — Oh, you shouldn't have to try,
Shouldn't have to try,
Shouldn't have to try…

Gone are the carefree, – lazy afternoons,
The curfew has come now, –there'll be incoming soon.
No more smiles now, – it's a fight for your life.
You lie just to keep some peace and, honey, -that's not right..
Oooh baby – oooh baby
Oooh baby, — That's not right,
Oh you shouldn't have to lie,
You shouldn't have to lie..

I see him on my television... -late at night,
I just want to hold him in my arms -and tell him: «Everything is gonna be alright»
Oooh baby, …oooh baby
Oooh, baby, — No, you shouldn't have to cry,
You shouldn't have to cry,
Shouldn't have to cry…
(Don't cry,
Try to keep you alive,
You shouldn't have to cry,
Try to keep you alive
Don't cry..)

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