We're Stole and Sold From Africa

Addie Graham
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music: anonymous

Addie's repertoire included several extremely common songs such as "We're Stole and Sold From Africa", an anti-slavery song which seems to have originated in the antebellum Abolitionist movement. She also sang a number of songs of African American origin, many of which she learned from black railroad builders..
We're stole and sold from Africa
Transported to America
Like hogs and sheep we march in drove
Suffer the heat, endure the cold.

We're almost naked, as you see
Almost bare-footed as we be
Suffer the lash, endure the pain
Exposed to sun, both wind and rain.

See how they take us from our wives
Young children from their mother's side
They take us to some foreign land
Make slaves to wait on gentlemen.

Oh Lord, have mercy and look down
Upon the race of the African kind
Upon our knees pour out our grief
And pray to God for some relief..

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