John Beeney
Lingua: Inglese

Lyrics & Music by John Beeney
Album: Diamonds and Demons [2004]
[Radio news]
Maybe it's worse than we thought
Hanging from trees and rooftops
Another sleeper cell beware
Underneath your easy chair
The enemy is everywhere..

Another terrorist hides
lock all the children inside..
We don't care about poverty
Or that you're choked by the yoke of corporate greed
We must defeat the enemy!

But, tell me: – Who is this enemy.?
Does it fly through the sky – does it swim in the sea?
Or has it always lived here in the "Land of the Free"?
Or could it be the enemy has become you and me?
Is the enemy you and me?

I switch on the news "Live At Five"
to see who's no longer alive
Amazed by the day's events
Another talking head sittin' on the fence
Phone in your favorite side..

Please, just vote for one enemy
Is he dark as the night or as tall as a tree?
Or has he always lived here -in the "Land of the Free".?
Or could it be the enemy has become you and me?

Tell me who is the enemy,
Do you see him each night – on your color TV?
Who is the enemy, tell me!
Who is the enemy,
Does he live in a cave – or on a hill in D.C.?
Who is the enemy, Hey, tell me..
(Who is he, who is he, who is the enemy?)

Maybe it's worse than we thought
Enemies are all that we've got..

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