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Lyrics & Music by John Saullo
Julian Assange

Julian Assange founded the WikiLeaks website in 2006 and serves on its advisory board.
He has published material about extrajudicial killings in Kenya, toxic waste dumping in Africa, Church of Scientology manuals, Guantanamo Bay procedures, and banks such as Kaupthing and Julius Baer. In 2010, he published classified details about American involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. On 28 November 2010, WikiLeaks and its five media partners began publishing secret US diplomatic cables. The White House has called Assange's release of the diplomatic cables "reckless and dangerous" while sources in the Kremlin linked to President Dmitry Medvedev suggested that he "could be awarded a Nobel prize"... from wikipedia
I live in a place that's full of fear
When I talk of peace – they don't want to hear
"I won't be active in your politics"
Just an excuse of your laziness

Don't try and tell me that you fucking care
don't try to act like you weren't aware
Persuasive for peace, I'm asking for death
FBI raids on the SDS !

Julian Assange dissenting for peace
Risking his life for government leaks
He didn't have to but he fucking did
Without our support he'll end up dead !!

Cause see? They won't stop , right wing wants him dead
Fox News is screaming "off with his head"
As rich get richer in the USA
Our black ops will murder Assange over seas !!

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