Born in East L.A.

Cheech Marin
Lingua: Inglese

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Born In The U.S.A.
(Bruce Springsteen)


"Born in East L.A." is a single by Cheech & Chong. It is a parody of Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The U.S.A.", with references to the song "I Love L.A." by Randy Newman.

Written by Cheech Marin, the song's lyrics deal with a Mexican-American man from East Los Angeles who is mistaken for an undocumented immigrant and deported. The song served as the basis for the film of the same name, directed by Marin.
Took a walk to the corner store
Just to by a loaf of bread and a box of s'mores
Up pulled a guy in a yellow van
Shiny gold badge flashing in his hand

He said "Alright you mojados down here
I want you all to hit the floor
I got one thing to ask you and nothing more
So answer in English, if you can
Where were ya born man?"

Huh? Where was I born?

Hey, are you one of those dudes who do horoscopes, man
Hey I'm a Cancer with a bad moon rising

Look here el fago, watch my lips
Where were ya born?


Oh yeah, you were BORN IN EAST L.A.
Lets see your green card

Huh? Green card?
I'm from EAST L.A.

Alright, then who's President of the United States?

Oh, that's easy man
That guy who used to be on ''Death Valley Days'', John Wayne

Alright, let's go, come on

Next thing you know I'm in a foreign land
People talkin' so fast I couldn't understand
There was nobody there to lend a helping hand
I was cold, it was dark where is the burger stand

I want to go back to East L.A.
I wish I was back in East L.A.
I don't belong here in downtown T.J.
Cause I was born in East L.A., ole

I crawled under barbed wire, swam across a stream
Rode in six different trucks packed like a sardine
Walked all day in the burning sun
Now I know what it's like to be born to run

Up ahead was the promised land
Shining like a star just beyond my hand
All I could see was a golden door
I looked, a sign said five billion sold

And I was back in East L.A.
Yes I was back in east L.A.
You know I'm never gonna stray
Cause I was born in East L.A.


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