This War Is Ours (the Guillotine II)

Escape The Fate
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: This War Is Ours

We have to find a better way,
Out of this tragedy.
As the battle rages on,
Blood stains the ground we're on.
My ears hear only screams,
Brave soldiers are dying.
One Spartan stands alone and shouts,

This war is ours

Yes I will see you,
Through the smoke and flames,
On the frontlines of war.
(We have to find a better way)
And I will stand my,
Ground until the end
'til we conquer them all.
(We have to find a better way)

Through the fire and the flames
A sea of dead drives,
Men insane
We march the fight into the cold,
This is as far as it will go
The battle ends on top of here
This is where we conquer fear
On black out armed with our swords,
This war is ours
This war is ours



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