Placing The Blame

Ryan Harvey
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Blowback [2010]

"For my friend Austin who was killed in Iraq in 2006.. and for all of those accidental "heroes" whose lives were taken early because of our government's imperial ambitions. Our hearts sink everyday when we think of these friends and relatives... I wrote this to try to explain something I had brought up with close friends after his funeral; I am not mad at the people who killed him. I think they were fighting for their lives and their land, and I would hope that we would do the same thing if we were put in their position".
Every bomb carries with it the stories of the dead.
The stories shared choking back tear tear between the family and friends..
Every name is a history, every bomb is an end.
The memories of the grieving are all that we've got left

Everyday I live, I see my friend
Lying in his brand new coffin..

The shaky hands that built the bomb
And set it to explode
That picked the date and time
And placed it on the road
They didn't write the plans for war
They didn't fly to New York
They're as stuck as the soldiers are
In this twisted violent game

Everyday I live, I see my friend
Lying in his brand new coffin..

And how would you react?
If soldiers occupied our streets?
Would you fight in the name of your country
Like the people of Iraq?
We took these people's world
And now we're coming back for more
Don't blame the ones who built the bomb
Blame the ones who built the war.

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