Freedom of Speech

Chris Lindsay
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Chris Lindsay
Album: Scream Justice


GROOVY DANCE. Speak out for what you believe! An energetic danceable rant with a mesmerizing chorus that will make you want to jerk and shake.
Taken from the chapbook "Poetry for The Revolution" available at and, and for $5.99 or less..
Act it on a stage,
Advertise it on TV,
Play it on a CD,
Post it on a telephone pole,
Paint it on a placard,
Publish it in a book,
Print it in a newspaper,
Rant it on a microphone,
Shout it in a crowd,
Speak it on a soapbox,
Sing it on the radio,
Send it in an e-mail,
Type it in a letter,
Tell it to a friend,
Write it on a website..
Any -which way you can,
Stand up for what you believe...

Stand up, stand up… stand up –for what you believe...

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