The Have's, the Have Not's and the Gap That Swallows Lives

Paul Ethix
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Paul Ethix
Our land is laid to waste
Just as our waste is laid on the land
And the air that we pollute and breathe
Causing our Mother Earth's grief..

In this epoch, this era of excess
Too much is burnt and nothing is learnt
From history past to history to be
It's our choice of detriment and greed

The myth of deficit in lands of plenty
While others go hungry, their stomachs empty
Who decides which mouths to feed
Who will preside over the air we breathe

Nothing is certain for those who have nothing
Not a fraction is given by those with everything
Where charity is PR and photo opportunity
Humanitarian aid is a business.

"An investment of expedience
Made to receive than to give
A temporary loan of false hope and kindness
To be paid back with full interest".

So much fuel is spent, so many dollars burned
So many mouths unfed, so many cries unheard
Millions are dying of untreated AIDS while
One woman spends thousands to deceive her age.

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