Protest Song

James Earthenware
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by James Earthenware
Album: Prototype Jive

"If you ever see a compilation LP (Vinyl) called "Songs Of The Protest Era" it is absolutely one of the best records ever made. Every song features incredibly weird guitar sounds/timing changes, genius lyrics that cut to bone and most importantly the most naive and defiant melodies and harmonies ever written.
In my homage to the genre I think I got the lyrics right but my guitar playing is too post-punk and I don't have the angelic voice required to deliver the lyrical venom in a deceptively sweet voice.
People dug it when we performed this live with an ad lib harmonica solo in the middle. Don't like playing it anymore however because it doesn't fit in with the rest of the songs and it's too depressing..
and my political contention is....
The population of "democratic" countries are living under the illusion that they actually have any freedom. Sure you can choose to wear what you like, do whatever job you like, drink as much beer as you like, Watch as much television as you like...yet do you get consulted about which country we should be bombing and if you actually want billions of dollars of your tax money wasted on phoney national defence schemes?
I agree with Bill Hicks and his idea that the general population is kept docile and silent through misinformation and diversional activities such as chasing drugs, money, cars, clothes, fame, entertainment, work etc.
Meanwhile the government is passing whatever new laws they like because no one is paying any attention.
Basically Roger Waters (??) summed it up best "The human race amused itself to death"
No one can hear a word that we say
Men with guns, stand in our way
Nothing ever seems to make a difference
Those in power, empowered by ignorance

Tune in, drop out, in any case
There's plenty more waiting, to take your place
And where's this democracy we've been hearing about?
No one hears me, no matter how loud I shout

And if every conflict can be resolved with violence
How come we are jailed, for our defiance
Well, it's one rule for us, and another for them
The same double standards over and over again..

[Harmonica Solo]

I won't be blackmailed.. into..conformity
I won't contribute to a society
When all it ever does, is alienate me
I won't be blackmailed into...conformity..

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