March With Me

Montserrat Caballé
Lingua: Inglese

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Симфония нp. 13 "Бабий Яр" / Symphony no. 13 "Babi Yar" / Sinfonia n° 13 "Babi Yar"
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Album “Friends For Life”
Parole di Montserrat Caballé
Musica di Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, in arte Vangelis

Montserrat Caballé
Come sing with me
for peace and love
my only dream
and wish for the world
Join with me now
and march with me
Love is the word
let's try once again
stop all fights now
and march ...

Let's try once again
to help all mankind
to win those lost hearts
and start this new life
No evil, no guns,
just freedom and peace

No evil, just freedom, no guns,
no evil, just freedom
and march

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