'Cross the Green Mountain

Bob Dylan
Lingua: Inglese

I cross the green mountain, I sit by the stream
heaven blazing in my head, I dreamt a monstrous dream
something came up out of the sea
swept thru' the land of the rich and the free.

I look into the eyes of my merciful friend
and then I ask myself: is this the end?
memories linger, sad yet sweet
and I think of the souls in heaven who we'll meet.

Altars are burning with flames far and wide
the foe has crossed over from the other side
they tip their caps from the top of the hill
you can feel them come more brave blood to spill

Along the dim atlantic line
the ravaged land lies for miles behind
the light's coming forward and the streets are broad
all must yield to the avenging God.

The world is old, the world is gray
lessons of life can't be learned in a day
I watch and I wait and I listen while I stand
to the music that comes from a far better land.

Close the eyes of our captain, peace may he know
his long night is done, the great leader is laid low
he was ready to fall, he was quick to defend
killed outright he was by his own men.

It's the last day's last hour of the last happy year
I feel that the unknown world is so near
pride will vanish and glory will rot
but virtue lives and cannot be forgot.

The bells of evening have rung
there's blasphemy on every tongue
let them say that I walked in fair nature's light
and that I was loyal to truth and to right.

Serve God and be cheerful, look upward beyond
beyond the darkness of masks, the surprises of dawn
in the deep green grasses and the blood-stained wood
they never dreamed of surrendering, they fell where they stood.

Stars fell over alabama, I saw each star
you're walking in dreams whoever you are
chilled are the skies, keen is the frost
the ground's froze hard and the morning is lost.

A letter to mother came today
gunshot wound to the breast is what it did say
but he'll be better soon, he's in a hospital bed
but he'll never be better, he's already dead.

I'm 10 miles outside the city and I'm lifted away
in an ancient light that is not of day
they were calm they were blunt, we knew them all too well
we loved each other more than we ever dared to tell.

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