Sport Futility Vehicle Tango

Dave Lippman
Lingua: Inglese

Lyrics by Dave Lippman, sung to the tune of "I Like to Be In America", "Why Can't We Be Friends", "8 Miles High", "Imagine", "12 Days of Christmas", "Auld Lang Syne"
Album: Singing CIA Agent George Shrub Live in Manhattan
"The war in Iraq isn't about oil... It's about something much deeper, something that derives from our Western values. I speak, of course, of gasoline".
(I Like to Be In America):
“I like to drive in America
I like to strive in America
I'm so alive in America
Polluting more than Eric and Erica”

(Why Can't We Be Friends?):
What would Jesus Drive to arrive alive
He'd go 55 in some hybrid jive

(8 miles high):
Eight feet high, enough to look down
On mere mortals driving their mere cars

You may say I'm a dreamer
'Cause I visualize emphysema

(12 days of Christmas):
7 SUV's a-swarming
Causing global warming
Melting polar ice caps
Raising oceans, perhaps
But while your fuel efficient mini-car's mired in the mud
My S.U.V. will rise above the flood

(I Like to Be In America):
“I live for the biggest vehicles
Spiffy unsustainable vehicles
Gimme the best brand, no Generica
Though it leads to global Guernica”

(Auld Lang Syne):
Admittedly my S.U.V. will cause us all to roast,
But it will only take a day to drive from coast to coast..

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