Hey Hey Hurray

Ryan Bingham
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Roadhouse Sun”


Oh no, don't make a stand, you might piss off the government man
He might put a pistol in your hand, put you on a boat to go play in the sand

“Di’ quello che pensi o finirai pazzo, è tua la scelta.
Per quanto tempo ancora potrai essere d’accordo (con loro), che ci sia davvero bisogno di bombardarli?
Annota le tue parole su di un bong, girati una canna e fumati questa canzone”

[credo che l’ultima frase significhi: “Rilassati e fottitene di quel che dicono ‘sti fascisti”, infatti in America conservatori, guerrafondai, destrorsi e gente di qusta specie sono soliti usare l’espressione “Put down that bong!” ogni volta che sentono parlare di diritti, di pace, di non violenza, cose che loro ritengono da hippies capelloni e drogati…]
Hey hey what can you say you might head out to California
Think you got you something to say, who knows who cares anyway
Oh no don't make a stand you might piss off the government man
He might put a pistol in your hand, put you on a boat to go play in the sand
Sand castles in the sky, Jimmy's gonna play when I die
Face first in the mud, don't talk back cause he's got a gun

On the road driving fast, see how long your heart can last,
Can that gypsy see your past, save your ass from the devils wrath
Hell no, I won't go, I'm gonna roll bones with the devil you know,
Take all of his silver and gold, put it in the hands of the poor folks

Hey hey what can you say, is Wal-Mart squeezing out your brain,
Whipping your ass with a restaurant chain, pumping that poison in your vein,
Tell the blind that they will see, but they can't afford that pharmacy,
Cut 'em down if they don't agree, do you really care what a sick man needs
Down on the ground you freaked out clown, can't be saying them things out loud,
Better off turning that smile to a frown, hands on your head till you all calm down

Hey hey what do you say,
Is everybody scared of the man these days,
Scared to be you, scared to be me,
Scared to believe that you can see,
People in need, dying of disease

Oh know where do you go, blisters on your feet with your frozen toes,
Preacher man trying to save your soul, teaching you things you already know

Hey hey what can you say, the cops will taser all of your brains,
Can't be saying those crazy things, ain't enough money in change these days,
Corporate money singing jing a ling, won't you believe in the president's ways,
Give your rights away and say hurray

Hey hey what can say, they pulled the plug on your membrane,
Back to the streets with dope to blame, putting your voice back in it's place
Hey hey what can you say, you think that they can change their ways,
I bet they can if they get paid, Prozac will come save the day

Hey hey what can you say, the big man spends your hard earned pay,
Yellow brick roads have turned to clay, choking blue collars to a dollar a day
Hey hey what can say, shut your mouth or get the way,
Speak your mind or go insane, it's a choice that you can make
How long can you get a long, do ya really need to drop them bombs,
Write your words down on a bong, roll that joint and smoke this song

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