No More Wars

Punishment Park
Lingua: Inglese

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World News
(Punishment Park)
Historien gjentar seg selv
(Punishment Park)
Helt blind med et sykt sinn
(Punishment Park)

Lyrics and music by Kjell Moberg
Album: Punishment Park


"Great pop punk rock song with female lead vocal".
1939 Hitler was on tour
Touring Europe with his crew
Torturing and splitting families in two
That he really knew how to do..

Killing every little dream
That didn't fit his plan..

Can't you see it's happening again
Have you all gone totally blind
For every day that goes by
We get closer to the war..

He had a sick twisted mine
With a lot of power behind..

Saddam is sitting on Kuwait
Saying that's his right..

Bush doesn't think so
He's gonna attack very soon now..

So let's make a stand
For the better let's stop it now!

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