One Solution

Son of Nun
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics by S.o.N.
Album: Blood and Fire
Yeah, Ah
antithesis of subliminal,
political rap encoded in digital,
tagged criminal for being too critical,
black attacking the patriot act with analytical,
methods for exposing the bullshit in their material.
A new style for the racial profile,
That's racism American style that's gone wild
on display for Arab man woman and child (echo).

This is a snapshot of America
now 2000 and 3 but it ain't how I thought the future would be (be).
This ain't the dream that Dr. King had for me,
it's more like, life is still segregated and war like.
I thought they made separate but equal illegal
but nope that shit is still as American as the bald eagle,
still fucking the people,
Plessy vs. Ferguson resurfacing, and ready for evil.
This is just another sequel to the same game,
another link in the American chain of shame
Who would have thought that in the 21st century your racial identity
would be a source for inequity.
We need organize and get together to sever heads
of oppressors that be making us settle for lesser

We can't settle for less (complete echo)
when there's breath in our chest (complete echo) (x3) down up down

There's only one solution, revolution,
with the working class armed in mass heading the movement.
Ready to rumble,
educated at the school of hard knocks and at the college of struggle.
'Cause freedom's got a price tag on it
with the blood of the powers that be stamped right on it.
Any time we want a change we have to fight for it
and when we turn our back they're quick to get a knife for it.
That's why if we want it to last we've got to make sure
that we use a method that's going to more than threaten they ass.
How the fuck you think change happen
they ain't gonna give up the keys to niggas with flowers and beads,
power don't give up nothing with out a demand,
it hasn't yet and it's not documented in any new plans,
open your eyes and recognize their priority,
the concentration of wealth in the hands of a (small) minority.
I don't respect their illegitimate authority
so I support the power of the working class majority

We can't settle for less (complete echo)
when there's (still) breath in our chest (complete echo)
(x4 ) down up down up

We are all / we are all Palestinians
We are all / we are all Arab-Americans
We are all / we are all Iraqi citizens
We are all gays
We are all women
We are all / we are all Asian Americans
We are all / we are all Latin Americans
We are all African Americans
We are all working class world citizens…

(Malcolm X samples
- Oxford debate
- Revolution & bloodshed
- If you wait around

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