I Wanna Go Home

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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[June 2003]
Lyrics and music by David Rovics
From the album, or song collection, "For the moment"
David Rovics' Official Website
For the moment

"A very succinct summary of the problem and the solution for Palestine, as expressed by many refugees. Originally recorded on Songs for Mahmud." - David Rovics.

April, 2005

I had a great show a while back in Olympia, Washington and met Pat Maley there. I was recording a few new songs at his studio to put on the web, and at some point he suggested that I put out my next CD on his label, Yoyo Records. Thinking that to be a great idea, I went about figuring out what I wanted to do about that, and this is the end result.

Four cities were involved in this decisively non-Luddite production. I recorded vocal and guitar tracks in Houston, and Kristine Pettersen (Thistle) did harmony vocals later in the same place, Sugar Hill Studios with John Griffin engineering. I sent the sound files up to Boston and in Tenitus Studios my friend Sean Staples laid down bass, mandolin, bouzouki, electric guitar, dobro and nylon string guitar tracks and Dave Westner engineered and also played bass, electric guitar and percussion on various tracks.

Professor D and I recorded "Falluja" with Spinister engineering at the studios of the Dope Poet Society in Toronto and we sent those tracks on to Pat in Olympia, and folks in Boston and Houston sent in their tracks, and then Pat mixed and mastered the whole thing to put out on his label.

Since I had it in mind to do a CD with a somewhat new musical treatment than previous recordings (maybe somewhere in between Return and Songs for Mahmud), I thought it would be cool to do new versions of a few songs from previous releases as well as 12 previously unrecorded (mostly new) songs.

It seemed too bulky to include all the lyrics in the liner notes, but you can read lyrics, download lots of free audio, video, and sheet music, buy CD's and songbooks, look at my calendar and links to other artists, sign up on my email list, etc., by going to

There are far too many people to thank, and I've never been very good at remembering the myriad of people out there I feel thankful for. (I sure do feel thankful for them, though, and I hope they all know who they are.) But I'll pick just one. The older I get, the more I think my songwriting seems to resemble Jim Page's stuff.

Maybe I'm the only one who hears that, I don't know. In any case, though I hardly ever see him out there on the west coast or wherever he is at the time, since I discovered Jim's music 15 years ago I have never been the same, and his brilliant musical lens is still the main one through which I view the craft of songwriting, and a fair number of other subjects as well.

Hope to see you on the road and in the streets!

I was born a refugee
And I don't know if I'll ever see
The old farmhouse I've heard about
But it's where I belong, there is no doubt
'Cause my whole family is from that farm
And we never did nobody harm
And if you're confused by what you've heard
Let me boil it down to a single word

I wanna go home...

And I have heard my grandpa say
That on the street most every day
The neighbors' kids would kick a ball
With my dad when he was small
We were Christians, they were Jews
But it was no big deal, religious views
So it was strange when at the point of a gun
Across the river we had to run


We had dabkeh, we had songs
And we all knew where we belonged
We grew crops, life was good
There in the land where Jesus stood
Now we're scattered everywhere
But there's no peace anywhere
I'm just searching for some kind of sign
For some way back to Palestine


inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 8/1/2006 - 22:44

Lingua: Francese

Versione Francese di Caroline Harvey
French translation by Caroline Harvey
Version française de Caroline Harvey

Je suis né réfugié
Et je ne sais pas si je verrai jamais
La vieille ferme dont j’ai entendu parler
Pourtant, c’est là mon foyer, il n’y a pas de doute
Parce que ma famille entière est de cette ferme
Et nous n’avons jamais fait de mal à personne
Et si ce que vous avez entendu vous a rendu confus, confuse
Laissez-moi ramener tout cela à un seul mot


Je veux rentrer chez-moi

J’ai entendu mon grand-père dire
Que dans les rues pratiquement tous les jours
Les enfants des voisins jouaient à la balle
Avec mon père, quand il était petit
Nous étions Chrétiens, ils étaient Juifs
Mais les croyances religieuses n’avaient pas vraiment d’importance
Alors ça a été très étrange quand, à la pointe du fusil,
Nous avons dû nous mettre à courir vers l’autre côté de la rivière


Nous avions la dabkeh, nous avions des chansons
Et nous savions tous ce à quoi nous appartenions
Poussaient les récoltes, la vie était bonne
Sur la terre où Jésus a déjà marché
Maintenant nous sommes dispersés un peu partout
Et il n’y a plus de paix nulle part
Je ne cherche plus qu’un signal
Un moyen de retourner en Palestine


inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 8/1/2006 - 22:46

Lingua: Portoghese

Versione portoghese di Ciro Biggi
Portuguese translation by Ciro Biggi
Versão portuguesa por Ciro Biggi

Nasci refugiado
E não sei se ainda verei
A velha fazenda de que sempre ouvi falar
É o lugar a que pertenço, não há dúvida
Porque é de lá minha família, daquela fazenda
Nunca fizemos mal a ninguém
Se te sentes confuso a respeito do que te dizem
Permita-me que resuma tudo a uma expressão apenas

Quero voltar para casa...

Sempre ouvi vovô dizer
Que quase todo dia na rua
Os filhos dos vizinhos batiam uma bola
Com meu pai quando jovem
Éramos cristãos, eles judeus
Crenças religiosas não tinham importância
Agora é estranho que quando na mira de um fuzil
Somos obrigados a fugir para o outro lado do rio


Tínhamos dabkeh, tínhamos canções
Sabíamos todos que àquela terra pertencíamos
Cultivávamos o campo, a vida era boa
Lá no lugar onde Jesus peregrinara
Agora dispersos por toda parte
Não temos paz em espaço algum
E nada faço além de procurar qualquer sinal
Que me mostre o caminho de volta à Palestina


inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 8/1/2006 - 22:49

Lingua: Giapponese

Versione Giapponese
Japanese Version

家に帰りたい(I Wanna Go Home)







inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 8/1/2006 - 22:51

Lingua: Italiano

Versione italiana di Kiocciolina

Sono nato come rifugiato
E non so se vedrò mai
La vecchia fattoria di cui ho sentito parlare
Ma è il luogo a cui appartengo, non c'è alcun dubbio
Perché la mia intera famiglia viene da quella fattoria
E non abbiamo mai fatto del male a nessuno
E se siete confusi riguardo a ciò che avete sentito
Lasciatemi condensare tutto in una singola parola

Voglio andare a casa...

E ho sentito mio nonno dire
Che sulla strada la quasi ogni giorno
I figli dei vicini giocavano a palla
Con mio padre quando lui era piccolo
Eravamo Cristiani, loro erano Ebrei
Ma non era una cosa di gran conto, punti di vista religiosi
Perciò fu strano quando, sotto tiro di pistola,
Attraverso il fiume siamo dovuti fuggire


Avevamo la dabka*, avevamo canzoni
E tutti sapevamo il luogo a cui appartenevamo
Coltivavamo la terra, la vita era bella
Lì, nella terra dove stette Gesù,
Adesso siamo sparsi ovunque
Ma non c'è pace da nessuna parte
Sto solo cercando un qualche tipo di segno
Che mi riporti in Palestina


*La dabka è una danza folkloristica popolare maschile diffusa nei paesi del Medio Oriente.

inviata da Kiocciolina - 17/8/2007 - 09:06

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