Martyr #2

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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[April 2003]
Lyrics and music by David Rovics

"Martyrdom, that is, knowingly giving your life for a cause, was not invented in Palestine, and is generally a revered concept world-wide. I think it should be seen in that light."
Crazy Horse stood on the hillside
Looked out at his men
He said now we're off to battle
Though this might be our end
But this land belongs to no one
And though our enemy is strong
We must rise for what is right
Though the night is long
The life of the reservation
Is no life at all
Though they have bigger guns
And we will surely fall

I'd rather die standing
Than to fade out by degrees
I'd rather be a martyr
Than to live here on my knees

Kevin Barry stood by the hangman
Maybe he wished he could fly away
But he did not falter
On this sad Easter Sunday
Because this life of slavery
Is not fit for us on Earth
Some will run and some will fight
To show you what we're worth
You may act like we are nothing
But while you wait for me to wince
I will look you in the eye
And say you've just killed an Irish prince


A woman looked to the sky
Saw the blood and rising smoke
She looked around her jungle country
Said though we are simple folk
Some things are easy to understand
As death rains from the sky
You can send a million bombers
But you needn't wonder why
We will fight on
To the last girl and boy
And one day someone will live
In a free Hanoi


A boy looked through the barbed wire
And someone wanted to know
With the tanks and the guns all around you
Why don't you save yourself and go
But he just looked down the barrel
With only a stone in his hand
And as it flew through the air
It said "this is Arab land"
And as he tried to dodge the shells
Fired by the enemy
He said as long as we resist
Then Palestine is free


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