David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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[April 2003]
Lyrics and Music by David Rovics

"Nationalists with low IQ's bug me almost as much as the smart ones." -David Rovics.
The president got on TV
And my heart swelled with pride
'Cause he is my commander-in-chief
And I am on his side
And when he talked about that dictator
My blood began to boil
Just give me a gun and a uniform
And I'll gladly die for oil

(Chorus, same format each time, last two lines of verse:)
I'll gladly die for oil (2x)
Just give me a gun and a uniform
And I'll gladly die for oil

I was filling out my tax return
When I heard my leader say
We must have more cruise missiles
So we'll take half your pay
So I sent off my donation
To keep our country free
And I'm thrilled to do my part
For Lockheed-Martin and me

I'm so proud to live in the home of the brave
And of democracy
And I know I can trust our media
Because it is so free
And when Dan Rather told our leader
He'd follow wherever he'd go
I thought oh, united we stand
That's all I need to know

I sang God Bless America
And I was filled with such elation
When I dropped the bombs of freedom
For the glory of my nation
Now I'm dying of cancer
Yes it's quite a bitter pill
But I guess it's just coincidence
Or else it is God's will

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