Minnesota Gestapo

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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[July 2000]
Lyrics by David Rovics
Music by David Rovics and Rich Caloggero

"Since the protests in Seattle in November/December 1999, the cops/system has been reacting with calculated violence and intimidation to protests throughout North America and elsewhere. In July there was a particularly brutal incident in Minneapolis." -David Rovics
The Gestapo's on the march in Minnesota
To make the world safe for Monsanto
Goose-stepping down the streets of Minneapolis
Spreading fear and terror as they go
Breaking into homes on false pretenses
Tearing up whatever's in their way
Making threats, swinging clubs and spraying tear gas
Repeating what their corporate masters say

And the gestapo's on the march in Portland
To make the city safe for Nike Town
If you're not wearing the right clothing
The gestapo will pick you out and take you down
With barricades around the city center
Eyes peeled through the cold and damp
They say they're watching for those anarchists from Eugene
So they turn the city to an armored camp

The gestapo's on the march in New York City
And Wall Street's packed with hordes of men in blue
Three thousand miles from Seattle
But that's just where the gestapo takes its cue
From DC to Philly to Los Angeles
The gestapo is following their line
It's a military tactic known as blitzkrieg
Well-known from the Hudson to the Rhine

Some battles will be won and some we'll lose
But all around the globe it's the same fight
From the farmers of Kerala to the landless in Brazil
To the elves pulling crops up in the night
Yes if we will stay and stand together
As our numbers grow in every little town
The machine needs the people to keep running
And it's we the people who can shut it down.

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