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William Calley was the leader of C Company, the platoon responsible for the mass slaughter at MY Lai on the 16th March 1968.
He was the only one of a number of killers that day ever to be sentenced.
He got Life in 1971 but was released pending appeal by Nixon after 3 days and finally released in 1974 after spending 3 years as the most privileged prisoner in America.


The 1994 Dog Faced Hermans song "Calley" is written from the perspective of a journalist who travels to Calley's store in Columbus, GA to interview him. She is chased out of the store by an enraged Calley after asking about My Lai.
In my dream I went into Columbus - Columbus, Georgia, through the rain. Seemed only like I knew where I was going - to a store - Bill Calley - something - supplies - the name is hazy.
Inside the place was lit against the darkness. Dull, silver, sharp and shiny things - like jewels or tools - I can't remember.
I see my man, he stands behind the counter. His face set all uneven - fairly fit still, the ex-marine.
And now I'm here, I have my question ready. Ready as anyone - ready as anyone - "Oh Mr Calley - Please - a moment of your time - about My Lai..."
Suddenly I couldn't see for running and I'm in a space that's screaming and could say no more for choking on the smoke which came smoking which came pouring from the the clearing. And I knew why I was running - from the cracking of the branches, from the heavy men behind me.
Bulk and sweat in uniform - with implements and running clumsy - knowing that there was no need for caution - no opposition - no defending - easy work. And one I saw his face he'd turned towards me - his face set all uneven like a, like a young man who'd had a stroke at tewenty-one. His face he turned towards me and he hisses - "Get out, get out, get out, this my place of business".

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