Free Palestine!

Hammer Bros.
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Album: Free Palestine!

Worse than the worst ghetto in Brooklyn. Worse than bloods and crips in the mid 80's. The conditions are rough and the situation is bleak. NEVER LOSE HOPE!
(Short version)

The right of return what right have you to burn
facilities? My abilities to discern
soldiers vs. brothers, bullets vs. beards,
tanks upon our property it's all because you fear
the faith in our heart now we must make a start
organize! As another on of us departs
military blockades outside of the mosque
intricate plots to take and change our locks
kill off the kids and say we're terrorists
pumping propaganda, Schindler's List
the pity of the world can only go so far
guaranteed loss when you fight against Allah
the rope is too short the end of the leash
Free Palestine! No justice, no peace
no thank you no please
no sorry don't like you
only like my brothers and my sisters and we fight you
we have a right to reveal the reala
Gaza, Acre, Sabra, Chatila
massacres perpetrated by Zionists
trying to say Palestinians don't exist
we fight with a fist or a sword or a stone
you say you need a homeland and bulldoze my home
illegal settlements
can't hold back the bretheren
when we get together and
get the food and medicine
back to the people 'cause you blocked off the border
Israeli soldiers working for the New World Order
we know that peace isn't part of the plan,
there can never really be justice on stolen land!

It's happening around the world...
South Africa,
the rest of the world
won't be blinded to incidents like this,
one of the reasons that the Bros. have the mic in fist!

Free Palestine!

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