Blood On Your Hands

Sara Marlowe
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by Sara Marlowe
Album: A World to Win: Songs from the Struggle for Global Justice

The United Nations approved sanctions on Iraq and the continued bombing - for over 10 years prior to the latest attack.

(This song was originally written for Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright who are responsible for the death of over half a million children because of the sanctions they imposed on Iraq. And now George Bush is threatening to spread his "War on Terror" into Iraq...)
How can you sit there and look us in the eye
You say you're fighting tyranny, well that's the biggest lie
You say that I'm no expert, but I know what's right from wrong
Never heard of anyone making peace with their bombs.

Blood on your hands, how do you ever sleep at night
Blood on your hands, how do you live with yourself
A thousand bombs exploding, but your family's safe and warm
Blood on your hands, what are you killing them for.

How can you sit there and say you're moved to tears
Your tears are worthless when you're the reason we're here
Dry your greedy eyes why don't you take a look around you
In the bombed out streets and hospitals, there's no evil tyrants to be found

Blood on your hands, you tell us that it's worth it
Blood on your hands, how can you say it's justified
A thousand children dying, not one of them yours
Blood on your hands, what are you killing them for.

How can you wake up with a smile on your face
When every month another 5,000 people you erase
Don't you feel ashamed to tell your children what you do
Killing kids their own age, must make them afraid of you.

Blood on your hands, how many did you kill today
Blood on your hands, their blood will never wash away
Don't lie to us, insult us, we know your bottom line
Money in your pockets is more important than human life

Blood on your hands, we're charging you with genocide
Blood on your hands, your sanctions are not justified
You're murdering a nation, they can't take it anymore
Blood on your hands, what are you killing them for.

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