Men Of Principle

Pete Seeger
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics by Frances Taylor
Music by Pete Seeger

Testo di Frances Taylor
Musica di Pete Seeger
Oh, I'm for open housing, yes I am,
I welcome every person to each town
(I'm Governor Brown)
We will open wide the gate in any other state.
Cause I'm for o-pen housing, sure I am.

Yes, integrate our schools, let's start at once
Education is for all, I've always said
(I'm Mayor Head)
We will start with grade thirteen
A grade no one has seen
Cause I'm for integration, sure I am.

Yes, I stand for low-cost homes, I surely do
I assure you I will build some very soon
(I'm Commissioner Moon)
But I'm in a sorry plight because
I cannot find a site
I'm for low-cost housing, sure I am.

I will fight for jobs for you, yes, every day
I will help you to leap the hurdle
(I'm Senator McCurdle)
Still, I cannot act today
While the president's away
But I'll see that you get jobs next year, sometime.

No, I'm not for sending armies overseas
I will work to keep your sons right in their homes
(I'm General Soames)
Still that Vietnamese affair
Needs a soldier here and there
It's the only way to peace, you know, my friends —

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