Soldier On The Bum

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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He grew up right in this neighborhood
He was on his way to going far
He could throw a ball like no one
He was gonna be a football star

And when he had a chance to travel
And go to a far-off shore
He packed his bags and went
Away to fight the war

And you can see him in the alley with a bottle in his hand
Ready at attention for an officer's command
He's waiting for a discharge, but it never seems to come
Used to be a soldier, now he's a soldier on the bum

He was proud to be a Navy Seal
To be part of the team
Following the dictates
Of this American dream

He threw boys out of airplanes
To combat the commie threat
Now he spends each day
Just trying to forget


And some days when the vodka
Can't keep the visions from his thoughts
Of the horror he has seen
And the terror he has wrought

He limps up and down the sidewalk
Yells out all he has to say
But the empty storefronts do not listen
And all the people turn away

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