David Rovics
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(David Rovics)

It's September 11th
And the planes are overhead
The building is on fire
And so many good people are dead
I speak to you from this building
And these will be the last words I say
Tanks are in the city streets
And the world has changed today

It's September 11th
And thousands will soon be killed
Some of the best of the nation
Their hearts will soon be stilled
Lives ended by terrorists
With orders from far away
And our dreams of a new society
Are murdered on this day

It's September 11th
And this connection will soon be lost
We made some serious errors
And now we see the cost
Someday we will be vindicated
Though I won't live to see
The years of torture and death
That will be burned on our history

It's September 11th
And it was only three years before
That the people of Chile
Rose up and said "no more"
We said we will have our copper
And we will have our land
For the cause of food and shelter
For three years we made our stand

It's September 11th
And I, Salvador Allende
Give my final speech
As the leader of Chile
These traitors ruled from Washington
Have taken my country from me
And the world will remember this day
In 1973

It's September 11th
the first day of rule by tank
And the fascist generals
With the support of their World Bank
One more coup in América
One more democracy overthrown
Here's to the good people of Chile
May our story forever be known

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