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Asterisks have been removed and bad words fully restored. We don't like understatement.
Gli asterischi sono stati eliminati e le parolacce ripristinate. Non ci piacciono gli eufemismi.
China 1945 to ‘46
How many must have died in that early blitz?
Korea 1950 to ‘53
Another Communist government that never hurt me
Guatemala ‘54 to ‘69
Indonesia, Cuba better wait in line
In Cuba kids die from sanctions today
America does it unilaterally
Congo not long ago in ‘64
Bang bang bang Uncle Sam’s at the door
Peru got done in ‘65
And all of a sudden no one’s left alive
In Laos in the plain of Jars, fields are sowed
With cluster bomb seeds ball bearing pay load
‘Cos every eight minutes for about nine years
The B52s cried metal tears
We all know about them in Viet Cong
And how they got bombed but they still resisted
Better than any other country listed.

War!! Yo what that shit for??
A tool to uphold international law
Or just another way to shit on the worlds most poor??
21 countries since the second world war...

And remember we ain’t even talking ‘bout invasion
Or that special kind of military coup persuasion
Counting them I’d probably be overloading ya
What’s next? No. 10 that’s Cambodia
You think that’s enough; there’s a whole lot more
Lebanon 1983 to ‘84
Grenada what?! They still want more?!?
Libya What!!?? They still want more?!
El Salvador, am I starting to bore??
How come all the countries so far are poor??
When you count Nicaragua that’s about 15
Panama 1989 where you been?
Bosnia, Yugoslavia and the Sudan
In Afghanistan they hunt the Taliban
And by the way the people that thought up the plan
And flew the fucking planes that brought the towers down
They came from Saudi but you don’t get rowdy with the people
Got the oil that’ll fill up your Audi.
Since 1991 we been bombing Iraq
We got receipts for his weapons and we want them back
That’s 21 countries since World War II
And all in the name of the red white blue
What’s next? No. 22 ready to blast
You fuck with Korea; that’ll be your last.

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