The Warfare Is Raging

Lingua: Inglese

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From English Folk Songs in the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from T. Jeff Stockton, TN 1916

Canzone popolare di origine britannica raccolta nel 1916 da Cecil Sharp sulla base della testimonianza di T.Jeff Stockton, negli Appalachi meridionali (una delle principali "Ballad Areas" dei paesi di lingua inglese)

from/da The Mudcat Café
The warfare is raging,
And Johnny must go fight
I want to be with you
From morning to night

cho: I want to be with you
That grieves my heart so
Won't you let me go with you
O No, My love, no.

O Johnny, O Johnny,
I think it's you're unkind,
When I love you much better
Than all other mankind.

cho: When I love you much better
That grieves etc.

I'll roach back my hair,
And men's clothing I'll put on,
And I'll act as your servant
As they march along.

cho: And I'll act as your servant
It grieves etc.

I'll go to your general,
Get down upon my knees,
Five hundred bright guineas
I'll give for your release.

She has rings on her fingers
And bells on her toes
And she carries music
Wherever she goes.

When you're standing on the picket
Some cold winter day
Them red rosy cheeks
They will all fade away

Them red rosy cheeks
That grieves my heart so,
Won't you let me go with you
Yes, my love yes.

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