Tom Paxton
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Album “Politics Live”

Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant, Long Island, New York.
Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant, Long Island, New York.

La centrale nucleare di Shoreham costò 6 miliardi di dollari e non entrò mai in funzione. Abbandonata nel 1989, si spesero oltre 200 milioni dollari per mettere l’impianto in sicurezza. Nel 2005 è stato convertito per la produzione di energia elettrica attraverso turbine a gas.

“This is one of the more recent songs. We have a nuclear power plant on Long Island which we've so far blocked from opening. It's a place called Shoreham, and it belongs to the Long Island Lighting Company, known as Lilco, which has assured us residents of Long Island that we need not fear any catastrophe, but if anything should go wrong not to worry because we'll all be evacuated from Long Island in utter safety and in perfect order, apparently. According to them, they had a test, and it worked ... So even though I felt immensely reassured, I still felt called upon to write a little song.” (Tom Paxton)

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Evacuation, evacuation
They say we'll all have time to pack our bags
And head for safer ground
Evacuation, evacuation
We might as well prepare to walk
Across Long Island Sound

If you're doing up some cookies and the whistle starts to blow
And the kids are at the movies and you've got three feet of snow
You can jump into the Volvo and go find your family
Then you'll head for the Expressway, where the going's always free

For the honchos up at Lilco have a dilly of a plan
If there's trouble out at Shoreham every woman, child or man
Can be sure of reaching safety, can come in out of the cold
Not one person will have problems if they'll do as they are told

We are living on an island, just in case it slipped their minds
When a person wants to leave it, here is what that person finds
There are just so many bridges, there are just so many boats
So unless you own a chopper, well I hope your tushie floats

Every time it starts to sprinkle and the wind begins to blow
First the lights begin to flicker, then the power starts to go
As I sit here lighting candles I see Shoreham by the sea
If they run that like they run this then they've seen the last of me

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