Pile Up Those Bombs

Lingua: Inglese

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Get Me To My War On Time
(Vicki Ryder)
We Grannies Work For Peace

Pile those bombs around me honey
Pack 'em tight
Get those planes and submarines
Ready to fight
Who knows, we may need them soon
Somewhere on earth or on the moon.
We can make big bucks if we are
In the race
When war breaks out again in some exotic place
Oh, oh, it is such fun
When a war is won (by U.S.)

We tried out those missiles
Now it's NMD
Gotta be protected as you
Surely see
Who knows other nations might
Think that they can start a fight..
And if we start early we can sell some stuff
To other fightin' nations who ain't got enuf
Gosh in so many ways
The arms trade pays
(and so do y-o-u and you and you...)

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 19/10/2005 - 02:45

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