Ballad of Sojourner Truth

Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Ballads of Black America", Folkways Records.
With Pete Seeger, banjo, and Jeanne Humphries, bass.

"Born Isabella Baumfree, a slave in Ulster County, New York 1797. Inspired by God in 1843, she changed her name to Sojourner Truth and became a champion of women's rights as well as a fervent abolitionist. Known throughout the land, she helped desegregate the streetcars. Died in Battle Creek, Michigan, 1883." (dall'introduzione al brano contenuta nel libretto che accompagna l'album)


Sojourner Truth è stata un'abolizionista e proto-femminista afro-americana divenuta celebre per il discorso "Ain't I a Woman?" che ella fece durante nel 1851 durante la Women's Rights Convention ad Akron in Ohio. La canzone di Douglass Kirkpatrick riprende in gran parte i contenuti di quel discorso...
I am a woman too
My hair may not be curly
And my eyes not be blue
But I am a woman too.

I was born in 1800's
In Ulster County New York
I never bowed to Jim Crow
I stood tall and always fought

Because I am a woman too
My hair may not be curly
And my eyes not be blue
But I am a woman too.

I fought Jim Crow on the street cars
I fought for women's rights
I died in Battle Creek, Michigan
Still carrying on the fight
I told that old Conductor
I wanted to ride
He pointed to the Jim Crow
Lord how that hurt my pride
I told him, I wasn't a cow
nor a pony nor a bull
I was a full class citizen
A citizen in full
That man standing there said
A woman needs special care
Help over ditches, and into carriages
The best places everywhere
No one every helped me into
Carriages, over mud puddles
Ditches or anywhere

Ain't I a woman too?
Ain't I a woman too?

Now take a look at me
Just look at my arms
I’ve plowed and planted, and
Gathered into the barns
I’ve borne 13 children
Seen 'em sold into slavery
When I cried a Mother's grief
You people thought I was crazy

Ain't I a woman too?
White America,
Ain't I a woman too?
My hair may not be curly
And my eyes not be blue
But I am a woman too.

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