Murder is Murder

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Murder is murder
nevermind the culprit
a government can murder
with no reprocussions
hypocrites, they murder
without a single thought
error rate, it's murder
and another life is lost
who are you to murder?
how could it be right?
who are you to murder?
to take a human life

It weakens the reverence of all human life.
Deterrence or Punishment? A means to feel contrite?
An eighth amendment violation, a premediated homicide
instead of the abomination, it is supposed to dignify
revenge and obligation as a means to signify
the blantant demoralization of the state to the criminal
instead it comes to raising, the criminal with social order
creating a moral obligation between the accused and the state

Humans killing Humans
as they watch on TV
The State is condoning death
murderers are decreed
the murder of thousands
it is simple to see that
capital punishment is murder
in the first degree

Murder is murder
no matter what you call it
punishment? it's murder
doing what they see fit
for a sentence, a murder
a pure abomination
on mankind , it's murder
the annihilation
who are you to murder
another human life
who are you to murder
how is this your fucking right?

inviata da Alessandro - 18/2/2010 - 13:39

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