Guantanamo Bay

John Robin Devany
Lingua: Inglese

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Testo e musica di John Robin Devany
Lyrics and Music by John Robin Devany

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"The name 'Guantanamo Bay' evokes an image of paradise. A little private bay with full waiter service for all the essentials of life - but nothing more. A song written in the difference between a dream and a nightmare."- John Robin Devany.
I got a letter from the USA
Invited me on holiday
No chores to do, no bills to pay
At Guantanamo Bay
Hey hey, Guantanamo Bay

I'm such a lucky boy that they selected me
I can stay forever and it will be forever free

At Guantanamo Bay
Guantanamo Bay, Hey Hey
Guantanamo Bay
I'm gonna Guantanamo Bay

I heard the food is really nice
The margarita's cold as ice
There is no charge in paradise
All laid on by Condaleeza Rice
She's nice, Condaleeza Rice

I'll write a postcard when I'm lying on the sand
Just to say I'm grateful for everything she's planned


I'm so glad that I have won
A little chalet in the sun
I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun
With all the Taliban
We'll have a party, all the Taliban

I'm gonna paddle in the Caribbean sea
And I'll dance around at midnight and be so bourgeoisie


There's entertainment don't you know
With champagne set to overflow
And every night you have to go
To The Donald Rumsfeld show
Oh oh, The Donald Rumsfeld show

I've heard that Bush and Cheney do a funny double act
They joke about Afghanistan, Bin Laden and Iraq

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