A Fourth World

Xavier Rudd
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Solace"

Una canzone sulla condizione di discriminazione in cui vivono gli aborigeni australiani.

[This song] "was played by Rudd in front of live crowd and told them he didn't have a name for it yet. After the show a fan went up to him and said he thought he had a good name for the song. He said 'A Fourth World' because there's a third world, but there's also a fourth world where people who don't have an existence, who are sort of trapped." (en.wikipedia)
Here we are under these particular stars
Here we stand Victorian
Where the white folk can grow to no so
Very little about the black folk
The same folk who rightfully own
This piece of beauty that we call our home

Well negativity is often heard from society
With conviction they preach
Not even knowing of whom they speak
I guess it’s each to there own
Those that want to will know
I guess it’s each to there own
Because from the top the views are old and grey

Well I feel so ashamed
Of this system and these ways
The tiny hearts that lead our nation
And tiny minds that let them in
And I see your confusion
I see your pain
I see your pain and your confusion
And there’s still some with my skin
Who still try and hide the reason

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