This World

Malvina Reynolds
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by Malvina Reynolds renewed 1989 a.k.a. "Love It Like a Fool."
Album: Ear To The Ground: Topical Songs 1960-1978
Baby, I ain't afraid to die,
It's just that I hate to say good-bye
To this world, this world, this world…

This old world is mean and cruel,
But still I love it like a fool,
This world, this world, this world.

I'd rather go to the corner store
Than sing hosannah on that golden shore,
I'd rather live on Parker Street
Than fly around where the angels meet.

Oh, this old world is all I know,
It's dust to dust when I have to go
From this world, this world, this world.

Somebody else will take my place,
Some other hands, some other face,
Some other eyes will look around
And find the things I've never found.

Don't weep for me when I am gone,
Just keep this old world rolling on,
This world, this world, this world.

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