Not My President, Not My War

Compassionate Conservatives
Lingua: Inglese

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Chant by PDX anti-war marchers (20-Mar-2004)
Words/music by The Compassionate Conservatives
Copyright © 2004 The Compassionate Conservatives

Based upon a chant by anti-war marchers, this song quickly took on a life of its own. The words are written from the perspective of an American soldier who witnessed the Fallujah incident, sees the charred bodies, and wonders whether he will soon be paying a visit to Dover Air Force Base. All he wants to do is go home... can you blame him?

We suggest that you read Iraqi insider perspectives on the Fallujah retaliation, including firing upon ambulances. If you agree with us that war is a senseless waste of human life, here is a great way to express your opinion. We also suggest that you contact your Congressional rep to oppose the upcoming draft.-Compassionate Conservatives.
Why aren't they happy to see us here?
Why do they murder our troops then cheer?
Why do they dance while the corpses burn?
When will our government ever learn?

Not My President, Not My War...

Where are the roses they promised us?
Nobody here we can dare to trust,
They're hiding bombs in the donkey carts
Six hundred dead and that's just the start...

Not My President, Not My War...

I don't care about Saddam
The nasty things he did
Just want to get back home
To see my wife and kid
They booby-trapped the roads
The kids are throwing rocks
Which one of us is next
To go home in a box?

Not My President, Not My War...

That's what you get when you go to war
Without a reason worth fighting for
You make it up as you go along
You never want to admit you're wrong

Not My President, Not My War...

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