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(Compassionate Conservatives)
Not My President, Not My War
(Compassionate Conservatives)

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Sull'aria di "Volare" di Domenico Modugno [Modugno/Migliacci, 1958]
To the tune of "Volare" by Domenico Modugno
[Modugno/Migliacci, 1958]

"Convicted embezzler and Iraqi defector Ahmed Chalabi supplied the neoconservative cabal with fanciful tales of WMD, nuclear programs, and other reasons why Saddam Hussein posed an "imminent threat" to the USA. Grateful for the opportunity to "take out Saddam", our fearless leaders played along with the story line which Chalabi fed them. Now that he has returned home, he has dismissed his yarns, proclaimed himself and his cronies to be "heroes in error", and appointed his nephew to try Saddam.
His decision-making is as dubious as his "intelligence", including the disastrous choice to move against Muqtada al-Sadr. Worst of all, Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress are still on the US payroll. Those are your tax dollars at work, to the tune of $340,000 per month! Nice work if you can get it. Here's an Iraqi insider's view of this scoundrel."
(Compassionate Conservatives)
Chalabi.... oho
Chalabi... ohohoho

Remember back in Amman
They found the money was gone
So you fled from the country as fast as you could
And you found yourself valuable friends
Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz knew you were ready to squeal,
So you made up a whale of a tale for a hell of a deal...

Chalabi.... oho
Chalabi... ohohoho

You fed us nothing but lies
Of germs that fell from the skies
Now you claim to be heroes in error dismissing
The reasons you gave us for war
And you offer to fall on your sword like the prodigal whore
But the troops and civilians who died for your cause deserve more...

Chalabi.... oho
Chalabi... ohohoho

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