Calm Before The Storm

Genocide (Jusuf Džilić)
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics by Jusuf Džilić
Scratches by Dave Lad
Album: Tales From The Asylum

"This is my favourite song: Fuckin’ bangin’!!! Beat by PD Productions...Scratches by Dave Lad."
I make more tracks then a junkie with syringes,
Underground raps geno Axe the business,
A mass murder witness, rhyme about my visions,
Rhyme about the world and discuss religions
(…One man one mic) in a game umbrageous,
My words all shock like I shot you with tasers,
They see genocide and it's like I'm contagious,
You'll never see my name on the back of major flavors,
I'm too direct, dialect infect, affect
The whole game with the rhymes I perfect,
It's a war time prelect, an exiled immigrant,
Bosnia represent,
By now it's evident,

Balkan links and we back on the scene,
With that crack for your mind rap methamphetamine,
I don't glorify my name it's a word that I've seen,
In a world gone mad big Geno intervene.

International war rhymes do you give a damn,
Do you even know about the genocide in Sudan?
It ain't on TV they got another plan,
To define terrorist a man with a Koran,
It's propaganda from the Pentagon
They got terrorist alerts and the Jihads on,
Remember nuclear weapons, who dropped the first bomb,
1945 half of Hiroshima gone,
I spot light the truth and leak documents,
Speak about the world and seek intelligence,
Words are weapons abused by governments,
Like brainwash methods and no evidence,
I don't spit this shit to gain publicity,
Fuck all the fame it's all lame to me
I kick reality, to keep my sanity,
The name be Genocide I rhyme against humanity.

Rhyme predatory, war poetry,
Why the fuck do we fight we die eventually,
I spit on the cat that made weaponry,
In a world gone mad the worst yet to be,
Television networks, incite the hate
No care for consequence when you exaggerate
Generate racism, violence elevate
Exterminate a village that can't retaliate,
There ain't no coverage, of all the carnage,
Damage on the streets, where the troops ravage,
Got the land locked down and placed on hostage,
Terrorize Records relay the suffrage,
A verbal message, a calm before the storm,
Like World War 3 we all in uniform,
While the government drops another atomic bomb,
I'll be deep underground as always to perform…

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