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"After the WMD claim fizzled and evaporated as a justification for the Iraq war, America's leadership began trumpeting the case for spreading democracy throughout the world. Billions are spent rebuilding the cities and infrastructure we destroyed in Iraq. Meanwhile, American schools are crumbling, our roads are filled with holes, our urban centers are decaying, and millions and millions of American children are uninsured and cannot afford health care. Our own election process (in 2000) was marred by more inconsistencies and dubious dealing that one can count. And we are planning on spreading this democracy across the globe. Two of my fellow artists and I decided to collaborate to question this. What sort of democracy do we have here? Do we really have a say in our government? Or is this a plutocracy, an aristocracy? This song wouldn't have been possible without great verses from E. Rich and J-High, also emcees from upstate New York." -Rev1.
Do as we say, not as we do
The US of A is avoiding the truth
Your democracy is over when you leave the voting booth
Take a look around our cities if you wanna see the proof
Do as we say, not as we do
The US of A is avoiding the truth
Your democracy is over when you leave the voting booth
Take a look around the world if you wanna see the proof

The pied piper's been hyper since 9/11/01
But he been led around by hawks that's banging on war drums
And board rooms that's planning a planet management strategy
Financially benefit offa catastrophic tragedy
And you mad at me cuz I don't wave the flag happily
Ask a question...? And you attackin' me for blasphemy
And hassle me? Well this don't really feel like freedom
Label me as a traitor just because of what I'm thinking
Well if thinking is a crime, then consider me a criminal mind
And lock me up in this hypocritical time
And throw away the key, cuz we ain't really free
If the truth ain't protected under freedom of speech
And it's easy to see what we preach and we practice
Are drastically different in more than semantics
American Dream's nightmare here at home
Who can blame 'em if they wake up shaking all over the Globe

Honestly, it ain't my democracy
When hypocritical political policies forget equality
In favour of economy and promise opportunity
But close the schools and bulldoze the communities
It's lunacy, we caught between Iraq and a hard knock life
Rich with strife and contradiction
We, the people, equals friction
In this trickle down system, inflicting pain, blaming the victim
You can't make a living earning minimum
Tax breaks don't matter if you ain't rockin' dividends
Poverty stricken citizens and ghetto denizens
In the tenements is sick of listenin' to the glittering
Rhetoric while Nero's fiddling
Ideals goin' up in smoke, you want your food or your medicine?
You can't have both when you're broke
Right to vote revoked, A More Perfect Union? What a joke.

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 4/7/2005 - 19:12

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