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Una canzoncina dedicata a Condoleezza Rice durante la campagna elettorale per le scorse presidenziali americane; nella canzone, ovviamente, si "fa il tifo" per John Kerry; tutti sappiamo purtroppo com'è andata. Gli "United States of Canada" hanno perso contro "Jesusland"...

L'attuale segretaria di stato dell'amministrazione Bush porta un nome la cui origine merita di essere raccontata. Pare infatti che i genitori, autentici melomani, l'avessero in realtà battezzata "Condolcezza" (dal termine musicale "con dolcezza" che, al pari di tantissimi altri, come "adagio", "moderato", "andante" ecc., rimane in italiano in tutte le lingue); "Condoleezza" sarebbe derivato da un errore di trascrizione all'anagrafe. Meglio così. Che un pezzo di merda del genere si fosse chiamata pure "con dolcezza", sarebbe forse stato troppo.
Condoleezza, Condoleezza
Condoleezza, leeza lie
You're workin' oh so hard to please
The thieves who squeeze our country dry
Condoleezza, Condoleezza
Condoleeza on the town
You'll be one of the folks who'll be weepin'
When Massa George goes in the cold, cold ground

I invoke the name of Tubman and of Crispus Attucks, too
Of Dubois and Frederick Douglass
You think they'd cast their votes for you? No, no, no!
Because they know the game you're playing
And they know which side you're on
You shuck and jive for the honky bossman
Till the early hours of dawn

You think it helps in Watts or Harlem
Or in Detroit going downhill
When Massa George says to the rich folks
"Come to the trough and eat your fill"

We know that war is good for no one
But when all is said and done
It's not the Bush twine who'll be dying
'Neath the warm Iraqi sun

Say goodbye to George Bush and his jackels
Say goodbye to his warmongers too
It's time to put John Kerry in the Whitehouse
And show the people what this democrat will do

And say goodbye to that stalwart Dick Cheney
We'll really miss him when he is long gone
And say goodbye to old Haliburton
They've milked the system now for much too long

And say goodbye to the fair Condoleezza
Although she tickles the ivories quite well
She's worked too long as a shill for the Pentagon
With only death and destruction to sell
We stand today in the old town of Boston
We stand with heads that are proudly held high
We stand for jobs, schools, and national health insurance
And for a world where no more soldiers have to die.

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 3/7/2005 - 17:35

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