American Flag Pajamas

Sebastian Mendler
Lingua: Inglese

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Testo e musica di Sebastian "Skip" Mendler
Lyrics and music by Sebastian "Skip" Mendler

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Well, the day the towers hit the ground
I knew the world had changed for good
I said goodbye to all my dreams
Of peace and brotherhood

A week went by, I realized
I needed something more
That's when I saw them on the rack
At my local Wal-Mart store

Got some American Flag Pajamas
They're exactly what I need
Tho they're really not that comfortable
and they sometimes make me bleed
Got some American Flag Pajamas
They're red and blue and white
But still I do not understand
Why I can't sleep at night

The Stars and Stripes, they're everywhere
Tho some are old and frayed
It takes a lot of energy
To prop up a charade

But still we bluster onward
'Cause if we stop, we'll die
And when you've given up your dreams
There's nothin' else to try

'Cause in my American Flag Pajamas
there's nothing they can do
no terrorist will get me
if I'm in red white and blue
In my American Flag Pajamas
The blue the white the red

So why do I still hear the screams
Somewhere in my head...
Why are their faces in my dreams
The countless thousands dead...
Why is the very ground, it seems
Shaking beneath my bed...

If they will not let me have my dreams
Maybe I'll get up instead
Maybe I should rise instead
Maybe we should rise instead
If they will not let us have our dreams
Maybe we should rise instead

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