All Souls Day

Teresa Healy
Lingua: Inglese

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Testo e musica di Teresa Healy
Lyrics and music by Terese Healy

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"Each year many people mark November 2nd as 'All Souls Day' - a day to remember the dead. On November 2nd 2004, George W. Bush was returned to the White House for his second term as U.S. President. Immediately, he launched a brutal attack on the Iraq city of Fallujah. We will not forget what he has done." -Teresa Healy
If I don't speak
If I don't look, maybe he'll go away
If I don't read
If I forget, maybe he'll go away

But I know they're rocking babies
Babies to sleep in Fallujah
They're rocking babies
Babies who sleep in their graves

One last hope that change would come
Through ballot boxes on the run
Naiveté an abdication
The insurgents change for what is owed
We will reap what has been sowed
Until the seventh generation


While bombs fell on their ancient homes
After fairy tales and free speech zones
The votes were cast and some were even counted
The mission flew, the fools they lie
Torturers left hope to die
Thus was freedom and democracy exported


How many children of the occupied
Grow up with scars that they can't hide
Each fateful second burned upon their memory
An invasion for the privateers
The whole world knows, the whole world hears
The screams of an illegal occupation


The father's wail
The mother's cry
The child's last breath
Will split the night
I close my eyes, it's there again
It's there in my imagining
But I'm not the one


It's the email news that stops me cold
Fires my sight
Brings my blood to boil
I close my eyes, it's there again
The terrorist, the war president
But I'm not the one


Is insurgency another word for living?

No war over empire!

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