Lament For A Soldier

Gerri Gribi
Lingua: Inglese

Gentle soldier, love me in the grey cold morning
Hold me till sorrow escapes to the dawn
Could these tears that I spend find a worthier end?
Could they melt to your heart, and keep you at home?

For I'm so afraid of you dying, but I'm more afraid of you killing
some other lonely woman's gentle friend

Now you tell me a man's got to fight for his country
And you tell me to learn to be "patient and strong."
But with the patience I have I will try to convince you
I don't care for your reasons, this killing is wrong.

Late at night I awake from a dream where you were soaring
And far below you the children cowered at the sight
Till with the push of a button you rained flames and destruction
But lucky you could not hear their anguished cries...

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