A Song For Irak

Mark Simos
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A song for Iraq's long-suffering people
From a sad people here in America's homeland
On the eve of this great grief the whole world is dreading
Though some of us truly believe this war righteous
And others have marched in the streets to defy it
Who among us would dare to describe as a favor
The hellfire and brimstone that soon will be raining?

We in this land hold democracy's promise
And thus share the blame for the deeds of our leaders
While in a far country where once there was Eden
People are ruled by a murderous tyrant
Still standing in part through our acts or inaction
Yet for his evils the people are punished
People who'll now die again by the thousands

We curried Saddam to be one of our henchmen
Armed and supplied his Republican Army
Set them like jackals at the heels of Khomeini
Turned our backs as he gassed rebel Kurds in the northland
Blocked U.N. resolutions that would have condemned him
Let him believe Kuwait his for the taking
Then scorched tens of thousands from safe bombing distance

And when we had chased him to his battered borders
And our grand coalition would not stoop to conquer
We goaded his people to rise and defeat him
Swore we would be by their side in the struggle
Then our soldiers stood by while the rebels were slaughtered
We left him in power and began slow starvation
Twelve years of sanctions on innocent children

Now the fall of the Towers has been turned to advantage
Advancing agendas so many years brewing
Dishonoring the graves of the janitors and firemen
Their memories hijacked to set new fires burning
Eleven-nine foresight foretells new transgressions
As we stand by dumbstruck and don't ask the questions
Iraq's weary people once more in the crossfire

I cry for Iraq's long suffering people
Who, no matter the outcome, have known such injustice
I cry as I ask: Is this still our country?
We who have called ourselves guardians of freedom
Now seen by the world as a bush league imperium
I cry for the half-lies that we'll tell our children
As we bend to kiss them in this darkening hour

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 29/6/2005 - 12:13

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